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ASC Pistol

ASC offers two pistol ranges with targets ranging from seven yards to 25 yards and 30 meters.  Retractable targets, steel plates, falling plates, and silhouettes  are available as well as paper targets.  Shooters are protected from the sun and rain.

ASC Matches

  • Three Gun Match with .22 pistol, rifle and shotgun on the First Sunday, 9AM to 2PM.
  • 36 Rounds, 36 Plate Match is on the second Saturday from 12PM-3PM
  • Precision Pistol (Bullseye) practice match. Rimfire NMC/CF  NMC, 30 rounds each.  at 10AM (Shot on Range B.  Not currently a Registered match).
  • Non-Members are welcome at all matches.

  Shoot                       Often!



ASC is a members only club

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