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ASC Shotgun Sports offers five skeet fields, four trap fields, two 5-Stand fields, and a 12 station Sporting Clays course, with 5 stations set up with a Super Sporting configuration.  The 5-stand and Sporting Clays fields are reconfigured monthly.  Informal matches and leagues are available--they can be fun or competitive, depending on the shooter's attitude!  All Shotgun Sports use a self-serviceTarget Tag System to pay for targets which also provides remote and voice activated control of target releases.

Shotgun Matches

  • 5-Stand Match is held on the first Saturday of each month.
  • Sporting Clays Match is held on the second Saturday of each month .
  • Skeet Match is held on the third Saturday of each month .

         - Three individual games are available to shoot at the Skeet Match :  12 gauge , 

            Doubles , and Sub-gauge ( 28 gauge on the even months and .410 on odd mo )

  • Trap Match is held on the fourth Saturday of each month .

          - Three games are available to shoot : 16 yd , Handicap , and Wobbles

Check monthly calendar for START TIME for these matches . Plan to show up at least 1/2 hour prior to start time for registration and squadding .

Non- Members are welcome at all matches . 


    TargetTag Kiosk

    • All of the shotgun sports at ASC now require each member to purchase their clay targets on a kiosk, supplied by LongRange LLC, which is located in Penny’s Parlor.
    • A “Clay Card” will be issued to each member requesting one and is used as rechargeable “cash” card to cover the purchase of clay targets for skeet, trap sporting clays and 5-stand.
    • Once the “Clay Card” has been loaded with a dollar amount at the kiosk, you can use it at any of the readers located on the fields to pay for targets.
    • The instructions for use are located at each of the fields.
    • You will receive an email receipt from the kiosk within minutes of using your credit card to put dollars on your card.
    • The “Clay Card” can only be used to pay for clay targets, but in the future we may use the kiosk to pay the daily guest fee.
    • The credit card transactions are processed by Stripe.
    • If you have issues with the kiosk, please send an email to , or contact one of the board members.

    ASC is a members only club

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